Monday, February 05, 2007

Great News!!!!!

New Mexican president Felipe Calderon announced the end of the ban last Friday from Uruapan, Michoacan, home to btoh the president and over 80% of Mexicos avocado crop.
Speaking from first-hand experience, I can say this is great news for avocado lovers here in the US. I served in Uruapan for four months and visited on several other occasions. Avocados were abundant there like nowhere else. We were served avocados with EVERY meal, even in the poorest homes. After we would finish a lunch of say fish soup or milanesa with avocados & lime, we would settle in for another after-lunch avocado for desert, eating it straight from the shell with a spoon. I had never before (or since) seen avocados as big, tender and sweet as those we enjoyed in the little ramshackle homes of Uruapan.
The article also mentions the impact this may have on immigration. I've long said this same thing myself. As local economies develop, the need to immigrate to the US declines. Strong local economies throughout Mexico are good for the country, good for the church and good for families.
Peter Hightower

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